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     Dividend History
    The following table presents information on the Dividends that the Company has declared since November 24, 2010, when our common shares began trading on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the ticker "GLBS"

      Announced   Amount   Period   Record Date   Payable/Paid   Type
      14-May-12   $0.085   Q1-12   25-May-12   31-May-12   Cash
      28-Feb-12   $0.16   Q4-11   14-Mar-12   22-Mar-12   Cash
      20-Oct-11   $0.16   Q3-11   31-Oct-11   09-Nov-11   Cash
      07-Jun-11   $0.16   Q2-11   17-Jun-11   28-Jul-11   Cash
      06-May-11   $0.16   Q1-11   17-May-11   31-May-11   Cash
      24-Feb-11   $0.16   Q4-10   08-Mar-11   17-Mar-11   Cash
      02-Dec-10   $0.16   Q3-10   17-Dec-10   28-Dec-10   Cash

    The Company is continuing the policy of paying out a variable quarterly dividend in excess of 50% of the net income of the previous quarter, subject to any reserves the board of directors may from time to time determine are required. The declaration and payment of dividends, if any, will always be subject to the discretion of the board of directors of the Company. The amount of dividends paid in any period is not indicative of the amount that may be paid in the future. The timing and amount of any dividends declared will depend on, among other things: our earnings, financial condition and anticipated cash requirements and availability, additional acquisitions of vessels, restrictions in our debt arrangements, the provisions of Marshall Islands law affecting the payment of distributions to shareholders, required capital and drydocking expenditures, reserves established by our board of directors, increased or unanticipated expenses, a change in our dividend policy, additional borrowings or future issuances of securities, or as a result of losses in connection with the non-performance of charterers and other factors, many of which will be beyond our control. We can give no assurance that dividends will be paid in the future.

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