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We believe that long-term relationships with our charterers afford us an insight into their business, priorities, and concerns. Our main objective is to provide an excellent and seamless service, tailored to our partners' expectations and requirements, ensuring the timely also safe transportation of their commodities across the world. The chartering of our vessels is conducted by our in-house chartering team, in cooperation with major broking houses. 


Our priority is to perform safe and efficient voyages, with smooth loading, discharging and bunkering operations. Our Operations Department supports and monitors our vessels' daily operations by closely working with the Officers, Crew, Agents and Local Authorities. Our well-trained Operations executives are knowledgeable and always up to date with all prevailing and future international laws, rules and regulations and have the qualifications to respond immediately to any challenge that may arise in the daily Operation of the vessels or the Company.


All technical matters and also the overall maintenance of our vessels, are daily monitored by our Technical Department's executives, who do their best to maintain the seaworthiness of our ships and keep them at the highest standards. Our vessels are of high spec design, fitted with equipment and electronic systems which meet all the Class and Flag requirements. Communication and information exchange protocols between vessels and the office are rigorously adhered to, also the onboard attendances are carried out through a fixed scheduling on a regular basis.


Our HSQE Department is committed to establishing and maintaining a positive safety culture, giving top priority to health and safety for all Globus' personnel ashore and onboard, as well as developing values, attitudes and patterns of behaviour that will result to values such as integrity, respect, responsibility, and motivation. Furthermore, our HSQE executives are focused in mitigating all deficiencies and non-conformities identified through our audits by external inspections in a timely manner. 


The Purchasing Department's main objective is to source quality spare parts and machinery in accordance to the vessels needs, in a cost effective manner. The department is always doing its best to avoid costly air freight charges as spare parts 'chase' the vessels from port to port. The aim is to timely and efficiently maintain quality and compliance with safety, environmental and other regulations. Furthermore, our purchasing executives ensure the good and timely information from ships to suppliers, by the automation of processes to eliminate paper and manual handling and increase efficiency as well as minimize errors. This helps our vessels' crew to have better control of processes through better visibility into the requisition-to-delivery process.


Our fleet is manned by Filipino officers and ratings. The employment criteria per rank especially for our Officers exceed by far the mandatory requirements of the Flag Administration (Marshall & Malta), and those stipulated in the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006). We are in cooperation with the major training organizations in Philippines, so that through continued practice in simulators by regular attendance in specific courses, in order to keep our crew working on Deck, Engine Room, and Galley well trained and efficient in their working environment.